The TaxEngineered Accredited Investor Platform
Far beyond “tax efficient or optimized investing” processes.

A plug-n-play, fully automated, concierge services approach
RIA Firms “plug” their proprietary SMA Portfolios into their private IDFs for tailored client investing; avoiding income, estate and
capital gains taxation. The platform employs sound tax statutes to minimize while guaranteeing mortality and contract costs.

Firms utilize their existing custodial, reporting and operational facilities while performing their fiduciary duties.

Free of commissions and additional licensing requirements.

Targeting 142,000+ U.S. Families with Net Worth's exceeding $25,000,000(2)

• Assists in dealing more effectively with client needs, concerns and objectives.

• Integrates into planning, marketing and asset management processes.

• Maintains flex and balance for clients as they cope with constant change.

• Gains more control over taxation within a wealth management practice.

Utilize with Business Compensation and Succession Planning

Executive Bonus • COLI • BOLI • Executive Benefit Carve Out • Shadow Equity Benefits
Defined Benefit Plans • ESOPs • Buy-Sell Funding • Captive Insurance Companies

Integrate into Charitable Capital Plan Design

Leveraged IRA Giving • Endowments • Managed Remainder Trusts
Managed Lead Trusts • Private Income Trusts • Private Foundations

Create Powerful Estate Migration Structures

Dynasty and Generational Trusts • Merged Interest Split$ Plans
Multiple-Power Liquidity Funding



Recruit and retain HNW clients more effectively.
transparency • control • flexibility • liquidity • guaranteed costs

  • Evades tax surprises for clients, while living, and their heirs, at death.
  • Cuts away the sales intensiveness and commissions of traditional insurances.
  • Avoids the rigidity and secrecy of traditional insurance contracts.
  • Shuns crystal ball illustrations over-emphasizing the distant future.
  • Rescue distressed contracts held by trusts and pension plans.
  • Provides the features of a Roth IRA without contribution and distribution rules.
  • Bail-out imploding life insurance contracts.
  • Access full contract value at any time without withdrawal or surrender charges.

Tax deferred accumulation — Income and estate tax free transfer

A Case Study

Bill, Age 50, Family of Four, $5 Million in Net Worth

Key Objectives: Tax Free Growth • Estate Tax Free • Asset Protection

Frustrated with the tax erosion on the growth of his taxable investment portfolio, his combined tax rate exceeds 50%, Bill and his advisors decide to utilize their “TaxEngineered Investing Platform” for placement of $1,000,000 of investable assets. They project a 7% growth rate utilizing separately managed accounts within IDFs; designed and managed by his investment advisory firm.


So, at age 70, Bill’s original portfolio of $1,000,000 will have accomplished a great deal. As displayed below, net of all costs of insurance, he will have a projected $3,206,034 (IRR of 5.76%) available along with a death benefit of $3,719,000.


If Bill had continued to invest in a tax eroding traditional investing environment, his net 20 year projected value would only be $2,223,285.

• tax erosion of over $982,749 — 30.65% •