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Wharton Advisors Corporation Teams up with The Wealth Engineering Family of Companies
Orlando Florida, March 23, 2021 – The Wealth Engineering Family of Companies (WE) is pleased to announce its selection of Wharton Advisors as its preferred provider for offering Longevity Capital Consulting Services to its network of over 2,100 Wealth Management, CPA, Insurance and Law Firms encompassing 8,400+ TopTier Advisors.

“We are excited to include Wharton Advisors as an exclusive provider within our Expert Sourcing Consortium,” said WE CEO and Managing Partner, Nick Gregory, ChWE, CEBA, ChCCA. “Understanding and dealing with this specialized form of Capital is an important element when consulting with successful families and their wealth ecosystems. The national presence and expertise of Wharton Advisors is a natural fit for our team.”

“We are honored and look forward to embedding our Longevity Capital Consulting Services Platform into the WE Expert Sourcing Consortium.” said Robert Gatti, Managing Partner of Wharton Advisors Corporation.

With this announcement, the Wharton Advisors joins an arsenal of best-of-breed expert sourcing firms to provide services to WE’s network of wealth management firms, investment and insurance advisors and attorneys across the nation. The result is the fusion of advanced knowledge, experience, services, and products with sound engineering principles to create a synchronized hub for family and business wealth building.

About Wharton Advisors Corporation: Since 2009, Wharton Advisors has assisted trustees, financial advisors, estate planners, attorneys and wealth managers in providing longevity capital consulting services to their clients. We define longevity capital as the intrinsic value of insurance assets that may be leveraged, re-positioned or better realized. At all stages of our process, we ensure that there is complete transparency. We assist in restructuring existing insurances and other longevity products with a focus on developing solutions to meet client objectives. Learn more at: or call 877.772.8191.
About The Wealth Engineering Family of Companies: The Wealth Engineering Family of Companies provides a multi-disciplinary portfolio of situational consulting to over 2,100+ wealth management, accounting, investment, insurance and law firms across the nation. WE helps these professionals harmonize with the wealth ecosystems of families and businesses through the organization’s WealthEngineering and OpenOption Practice Engineering Programs in coordination with its consortium of Independent Expert Sourcing Firms. WE is also the governing body and grantor of the Chartered Wealth Engineer (ChWE) professional designation. Learn more at or call 407.878.3520.