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Blockchange, Inc. Teams Up With The Wealth Engineering Family of Companies
Orlando Florida, September 22, 2020 – The Wealth Engineering Family of Companies (WE) is pleased to announce its selection of Blockchange as its preferred Digital Asset Management Platform for its network of over 2,100 wealth advisory firms.

“We are excited to include Blockchange as an exclusive provider within our Expert Sourcing Consortium,” said WE Managing Partner and CEO, Nick Gregory, ChWE, CEBA, ChCCA. “Digital assets have demonstrated solid opportunities for improved returns and risk mitigation in recent years, but other than through index funds or hedge funds, there has not been a way for Wealth Managers (RIAs) and their clients to participate. The Blockchange BITRIA platform changes the game; enabling advisors to manage digital assets for their clients in essentially the same way they manage traditional assets today. The platform’s dynamic capabilities, ease of use and institutional grade security “opens the door”.

“Wealth managers are increasingly recognizing the opportunity for strong returns from digital assets,” said Dan Eyre, CEO of Blockchange. “We developed the BITRIA platform to provide a secure and easily adoptable solution specifically for wealth managers to engage with this new asset class. Embracing a new investing paradigm like digital assets requires a high degree of trust and we welcome the opportunity to partner with WE and the wealth management ecosystem that they have fostered.”

With this announcement, Blockchange joins an arsenal of best-of-breed expert sourcing firms to provide services to WEI’s network of wealth management firms, investment and insurance advisors and attorneys across the nation. The result is the fusion of advanced knowledge, experience, services, and products with sound engineering principles to create a synchronized hub for family and business wealth building.

About Blockchange, Inc: Blockchange is the digital asset investing platform for professional wealth managers, bringing the modern portfolio theory-based tools of traditional finance to the world of digital assets. The BITRIA platform is tailored to small and medium-sized wealth advisory firms to enable financial advisors to manage their client’s portfolios within a single interface. Blockchange was founded in 2017 and has its headquarters in San Francisco California. For more information or to request a demo, visit or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
About The Wealth Engineering Family of Companies: The WE Family of Companies serves over 2,100+ wealth management, accounting, investment, insurance and law firms across the nation. WE helps these professionals harmonize with the wealth ecosystems of families and businesses through the organization’s WealthEngineering and OpenOption Practice Engineering Programs in coordination with its Consortium of Independent Expert Sourcing Firms. WE is also the governing body and grantor of the Chartered Wealth Engineer (ChWE) professional designation. For more information about The Wealth Engineering Family of Companies, visit or call 407.878.3520.