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        •  Niche Client Marketing Programs

           Custom marketing materials supported by case design and training

             •  Family Business Financial Engineering

             •  The Family Wealth HUB Program

             •  Boomer LifeStage CoachingTM

             •  CharitableCapitalTM Coaching

             •  Business Compensation Engineering

        •  Advanced Strategy Marketing Programs

           Custom marketing materials supported by case design and training

             •  The LeveragedExecutive LoanTM

             •  The Family Family Business Private Insurance Company

             •  The ExecBenefit Carve-OutTM

             •  Shadow Equity Incentive BenefitsTM

             •  Wealth Management 7702TM

             •  The Managed Lead Annuity TrustTM

             •  The ManagedIncomeTM Trust

             •  The CharitableCapitalTM Gift Annuity

             •  Leveraged IRA GivingTM

             •  The Private Income Trust

             •  The Private Giving Fund