A virtual dashboard surrounding the wealth ecosystems of families and enterprises.

Bringing families, their advisors and their wealth together

One-Touch360 Mobile Control  •  Seamless Navigation  •  Encased In Dense Cyber Security

Synchronized for Wealth Advisory Firms and Their Clients

Seamlessly Harmonizing Everyone, Everything, Anytime, Anywhere

Store, Track, Communicate, Activate, Deliver - Everything

General ledger accounting with bill pay and e-signature. Interactive tasking calendars with permissioned document vaults for legal docs, board minutes, all insurances, health profiles, family albums, etc.

Integrated Infrastructures and Enterprise Workspaces

Interactive graphical mapping of entity and ownership structures, net worth, and investment assets with robust reporting on a multi-currency, multi-lingual, multi-jurisdiction basis.

Secure web based access with a mobile app

Touch ID & 2-factor authentication • End-to-end encryption • Continuously monitored for traffic irregularities • Secure text messaging

Interactive, Elegant Reporting and Navigation

Generate reports across any asset class, investment, entity or individual.
In-Motion Mapping Graphics and Reports: Net Worth • Transactions • Assets • Trusts & Entities