We have been providing wealth engineering services for financial services professionals since 1982. The professional credentials of our staff, faculty and financial engineers include:


Certified Financial Planner®

Chartered Life Underwriter

Attorney At Law

Chartered Financial Analyst

Certified Public Accountant

Certified Insurance Counselor

Certified Senior Analyst

Chartered Financial Consultant

The Evolution of Wealth Engineering

In 1979, the Stanford Research Institute completed a survey of over 37,000 business owners and other successful individuals regarding how their financial needs were being satisfied. Those surveyed expressed the following frustrations:

 •   The prepackaged services and products they were forced into.

 •   The sales-intensive atmosphere surrounding those services and products.

 •   The vast number of individuals, firms and institutions with which they were forced to deal.

 •   The low competency level of the individuals providing those services and products.

 •   The confusion and complexity of the products and services themselves.

Becoming aware of the survey in 1982, Nick Gregory set out to structure a 
wealth engineering firm combining the survey’s results with basic engineering principles as its foundation. Today, wealth engineers help clients deal more effectively with their wealth ecosystems while avoiding the prepackaging, complexity, incompetency, and sales-intensive atmosphere permeating the financial services industry.


 •   By using a broad swath of financial knowledge.

 •   By teaming strategically with competent, honest and multi-faceted accounting, legal, banking, insurance and investment professionals.

 •   By providing custom designed financial engineering tailored to meet the clients’ specific needs, concerns and objectives.

 •   By using simple practicality— making the confusing and complex understandable enough to motivate clients to do what is in their best interest.

 •   By the proper coordination of the wealth engineering areas surrounding the wealth ecosystems of clients.


In summary, the demand for wealth engineering continues to increase, while the financial services industry continues to do business the old fashioned way.