Today's "Financial Seismic Shift" Demands A "Wealth Advisory Seismic Shift"

It is a bold new world - Adapt or face extinction - Move forward with a new mindset

Our Wealth Engineering Family Of Companies - "It Takes A Village"

Our Family of Companies is harmonized with our Team of independent Expert
Sourcing Firms to surround the ever-changing dynamics of Managers of Wealth.

Providing Multi-Disciplined Consulting Services Since 1996

Currently Serving Over 2,100 Wealth Advisory Firms

Multi-Family Offices Insurance & Investment Professionals • Retirement Planners

Wealth Management Firms Legal & Accounting Firms • Financial & Estate Planners

Helping Firms Transform Into A New Wealth Management Dimension To Magnify Success

Helping Rejuvenate The Contours Of Advisory Practices To Become More Agile

"Fusing advanced knowledge, services, products and wealthtech with sound engineering principles"

Helping Firms Install Strategies

To sync their "practice ecosystems" with the "wealth ecosystems" of their HNW families and businesses.

Helping Advisors Deploy Tactics

To evolve their "Centers of Gravity" from "AUM/Product Provider" to "Holistic Fee-Based Solutions Provider".

In a Sea of Sameness - Brand • Position • Differentiate - Create An Unfair Advantage


Our OpenOption Practice EngineeringTM Sandbox

"Recalibrate your practice ecosystem to enhance success"

Our Expert Sourcing Team - It takes a "Village"

Equipped with an arsenal of best-of-breed Expert Sourcing Firms, our highly experienced and multi-disciplined
team of professionals amplify the perpetual value and success of wealth advisory firms.


The Result — Custom Designed Success Blueprints
OpenOption dream engineeringTM interfaced with highly competent advice
and efficient implementation; monitored and refined as needed.

   Governing Body and Grantor of the following Professional Designations
Chartered Wealth Engineer
- ChWE  •  Chartered Charitable Capital Advisor - ChCCA