Application for Registration as a Chartered Wealth Engineer - ChWE

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The applicant agrees that the following requirements will be adhered to:

• Have a minimum of ten years of relevant financial advisory experience.
• Attend and complete the ChWE Institute subsequently passing the comprehensive exam.
• Adhere to the Wealth Engineering Code of Ethics.
• Complete a minimum of 20-hours of continuing education annually within the disciplines of financial engineering.**
• Be duly registered and in good standing with all applicable SROs.***
• Maintain at least one of the following professional designations: *CLU®, *ChFC®, CFA, CFP®, CIC, CPA, PFS, JD, AEP, CSA, CEP.

* These are designations awarded exclusively by The American College, which is not in any way affiliated with the Chartered Wealth Engineer Program of the Financial Engineering Institute, LLC.
** Acceptable to The Institute's Executive Committee.
*** SRO-Self Regulatory Organization, such as the NASD, subject to oversight of the SEC, the CFTC, or any federal or state banking or regulatory authority.
Notwithstanding the eligibility requirements set forth above, the Institute reserves the right to make an exception to these requirements, based on reasonable and sufficient cause.

If you answer Yes to any of the questions below please explain in the Comments section.

1. Have you ever been subject to an insurance or investment related consumber initiated complaint or proceeding that alleged or found fraud, sales practice violation, forgery, theft, misappropriation or conversion?

2. Have you ever been convicted of, pled guilty to any criminal felony or misdemeanor?

3. Do you currently have any unsatisfied judgements or liens against you?

4. Have you ever filed for personal bankruptcy or been declared bankrupt?

5. Have you ever had an insurance license or appointment or a securities registration suspended or revoked or been disqualified or disciplined as a member of any profession?

6. Are you currently party to any litigation or the subject of any investigation?

7. Have you ever been permitted to resign, been discharged or terminated after you were accused of fraud, theft, or failue to supervise in connection with insurance or investment related activities or other wrong doing?

Tuition: $5,750 ($6,250 if paid registration recieved within 20 days of selected Institute date).

Current discounts will show up on the payment page. Includes course notebooks, breakfasts & lunches each day, welcoming reception Tuesday evening, receptions & dinners Wednesday & Thursday evenings. $100 charge if cancel withing 15 days. Business casual attire.

By digitally signing this:

• I hereby apply for registration with the Institute as a ChWE and submit myself to the jurisdiction of the Institute and hereby verify that I agree to abide by, comply with, and adhere to all the provissions, conditions, and covenants and regulations of the Institute as they are and may be adopted, changed or amended from time to time, and I agree to comply with, be subject to and abide by all such requirements and all ruling, orders, directives and decission of, and penalties, prohibitions and limitations imposed, subject to right of appeal as provided by law.
• I authorize the Institute to make available to any federal, state or municipal agency, or any securities or commodities industry self-regulatory organization, any information they may have concerning me or to request confirmation of my status.
• I understand and agree that my registration with the Institute will not become effective until submission of all required documentation and upon written acceptance by the Institute.
• I certify that I have read and truthfully answered the questions contained with this application to the best of my knowledge.
• I understand that the Institute reserves the right to decline my registration with a full refund of my tuition.

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Privacy Statement: The Wealth Engineering Institute respects the right to privacy of its applicants and is committed to safeguarding the personal information of each applicant.